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Trying to Get Gigs

A little advice for comedians

In Stitches Comedy Dublin
In Stitches Comedy Logo, comedy advice on how to gets gigs or spots at comedy club

  • Keep the message concise. 'Give gig please' with no info is no good, but a message that takes more than two scrolls to read is no good either. I've usually got over 100 applicants for very few slots, I need to see who you are quickly, and quite frankly, don't care about awards.

  • Try to respect how the booker has asked to be contacted, I book through my Facebook page, and specifically ask not to be bombarded with DM's, but at least 5 acts a gig do it anyway. This is the quickest way not to get a show with me.

  • A good video where you get to the point is paramount. I will never watch more than a minute, so make sure you have a video that shows a joke, stage presence and preferably a good audience reaction.

  • Bullet point what a booker needs to know, and make the video easy to view if they've not seen you before. A nice Facebook page or website can be good too, but the video is really where it's at.

  • Also, if you don't get it, don't take it personally! It's usually not even that you weren't right for the show, just that you messaged late, or most slots were all ready full. Adopt, adapt and improve.

  • On another note NEW ACTS that want to network this way, watch live comedy as you can and supporting the craft you want to do. Chat with the promoters on breaks or at the end of the show and you'll get a lot more respect from promotors doing that if you're not getting spots. At least that way we know you're taking the time to watch some more experienced acts and learning as you go. No good sending me a 10 min clip for a 30 min closer, a 5 min clip for a 15min or 20min spot or a bloody highlight reel.

  • Promoters get emails and messages every day so don't give up if a promoter dose not get back to you, email back in a few weeks or months and wile you are doing that do as much gigs as you can to get better.

  • All bookers have different things they are after, so this is by no means definitive, but I hope it's helpful.

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