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In Stitches Comedy | Club Dublin | Blog

Welcome to the best Comedy Club Blog in Dublin by In Stitches Comedy

In Stitches Comedy is Ireland's only seven nights a week comedy venue in the heart of Dublin City. We are the home of Irish comedy located in heart of Temple bar Dublin. In stitches comedy was formally known as Stitches Comedy club back 2018 when it started at the Square Bar as a free show.

October 2018 Stitches moved to The Workman's Cellar in Temple bar Dublin and got its name changed to In Stitches Comedy Club Dublin.

a comedian holding the mic and the mic stand as he stands on stage at in stitches comedy club, when it was known as stitches comedy at the square ball dublin Ireland.
stitches before it was know as in stitches comedy club

When we moved The workman's Cellar every Monday. In stitches was managed by Craig Moran, Emman Idama & Orla Stanford. This three were a force to be reckoned with as each person brought their skills to make In Stitches the place it is now.

Black Irish comedy Emman Idama, wearing a black leather jacket.
Emman Idama

Orla Stanford, with a beautiful smile with long burnet hair.
Orla Stanford

headshot of Craig Moran. A white ginger man(comedian) with a beard and curly red hair
Craig Moran

Orla brought an knowledge of working in comedy for over 15years and the relationships she built over that time with big name comedians such as David McSavage, Neil Delamere, Joanne McNally and that was helping in getting them in to the club.

Criag a x bar tender, his love for comedy made him start stitches comedy as a free show at the bar he worked, but his work was getting in the way of his true passion which was comedy.

Emman Idama one of the best comedians in Ireland and when he heard about how Craig spoke about the club Stitche. Emman decided to out all his experience if running comedy clubs and also his comedy skills to In Stitches Comedy Club Dublin.

What our In Stitches Comedy | Club Dublin | Blog is about?

With In Stitches Comedy Blog you are expect to get all the information about all the big comedy events happening in Dublin and also in Ireland, with news and update what In Stitches Comedy Club is doing.

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Thank you for reading about In Stitches Comedy Club and we hope to see you at pone of our shows.


In Stitches Comedy Club Team.

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